There is no longer one facility housing all of POPPA's cats, as we now operate out of foster homes in the Portland Metro Area.  However, we DO love volunteers... and, of course, there are messy daily chores to do deal with.  And yet, there are FUN things volunteers can do, like visit the cats in foster homes where they can PLAY WITH THE CATS!!! A good many of our cats adore people and seriously enjoy playing, others not so much.  So please, if you aren't physically able to help with the messy chores, feel free to ask to socialize with the cats as it is a VERY important volunteer task--the cats would actually prefer everybody play with them rather than clean up after them anyway!


There are also a few off-site tasks and errands volunteers could do for us, stuff like:  

- laundering cat bedding once a week at a laundromat

- picking up supplies at various retailers

- transporting cats to the veterinarian

If you're interested in helping, please send an email to