There is a lot of hard, messy work to be done every single day at Odd Cat Out Sanctuary... stuff like scooping and washing litter boxes, hauling supplies upstairs, and refilling food and water bowls.  Plus, we are located out on a private farm in Clackamas County between Sherwood and Tualatin--there is no public transit to the facility.  For these reasons, and because protecting the cats is of the utmost importance to us, every potential volunteer MUST contact us first so we can talk a bit before we arrange a visit, as we do not share our physical address publicly. 

We DO love volunteers... and, there are FUN things volunteers can do at Odd Cat Out Sanctuary, like PLAY WITH THE CATS!!!  Our cats adore people and seriously enjoy playing, so please, if you aren't physically able to help with the messy chores, don't be discouraged, socializing with the cats is a VERY important volunteer task--the cats would actually prefer everybody play with them rather than clean up after them!


There are also a few off-site tasks and errands volunteers could do for us, stuff like:  

- laundering the cat bedding once a week at a laundromat

- stopping by the Washington Square PetSmart to visit with cats we've got up for adoption



If you're interested in helping, please contact Jesse via text at 503-246-0808 or send us a note at