Simon is an OCO favorite son! He is such a sweet rolly-poly teddy bear we can't help but adore him. And, he's super playful too.

   Simon is a member in good standing of the FIV Positive Boys' Club at OCO.

   Simon came to OCO in March of 2012 after having tangled with a raccoon on a farm property down near Salem where he'd been the playmate of an 8-year-old boy. The vet visit to patch him up revealed he was FIV+, so his family decided to send him off to the sanctuary rather than risk exposing their other farm kitties to the disease. Not that sweet Simon would ever injure even a fly! I mean it... Simon is such a sweetheart he puts up with being flipped onto his back so we can all rub his tummy nearly every day!

    Simon is happy at OCO, especially since he bonded with another B/W tuxedo, Tai Tai. And, we're very happy to have him. He could use a sponsor or two though, to support his food habit, as he's quite fond of cat chow, which is why he's gotten so round! Sponsorship money for Simon would mean he could get routine and emergency vet care, with no worries.

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