Bobbi was born in a Corvallis, Oregon homeless camp.  There were lots of cats in the camp situated in a marshy field and along a small wooded creek.  The camp also sat just off two busy roads and the area was getting noticed.  Developers were chomping at the bit to build more lucrative student housing in the area.  Bobbi didn't know it, but his life at the camps would soon end.

  It's never good when homeless people or cats are noticed by the wrong people.  The people will be driven out and the cats will be killed or end up with nobody to feed them.  This is what happened to Bobbi and his family. 

  Poppa Inc., OCO's parent company, paid for 52 cats and kittens from the camps to be fixed.  Most of the adults who were not completely tame were returned.  It is difficult to find safe placements for feral cats.  The homeless fed them well, and the Poppa Inc. volunteer who got them fixed, returned when she could, wading through knee deep swamp water and braving poison oak, to take the homeless campers food for the cats and often amenities to help the people, too.

  The camps were razed by the police.  The Poppa Inc. volunteer did not know this had happened and found out only when she went into the camps to deliver the campers Christmas gifts on Christmas Day.  She was horrified and terrified for the cats.  She returned the next day and trapped three cats, to save them. They were starved.  In the meantime, she had contacted Odd Cat Out, to ask how many they might be able to take.  "You can bring up three," she was told.  Bobbi, Trucker and Princess made the trip the next week.

  Bobbi follows OCO director, Keni, around, when she's at the sanctuary, begging pets.  He's not so wild after all.  Maybe one day he'll get a great home of his own with a family (of humans).  What a happy ending that would be to Bobbi's story.

  In the meantime, Bobbi is safe and sound and well fed and well loved at Odd Cat Out.  You can help support Bobbi, and his homeless camp family survivors, Princess and Trucker,  through a donation or sponsorship, if you'd like.  That would make us all very happy.

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