Thunder was out of options.  Not just once either.  His first big crisis came when the woman who had fed him and 59 other cats and kittens, all related in various ways, decided to move.  She intended to leave all those cats behind, walk away, never look back.  She was selling her property.  The new owner saw all those cats and decided to hire an exterminator to kill them. The cats had no idea what lay ahead for them.

  As luck would have it, fate maybe, along came a kind soul, who found the plight of the cats in the course of her job, assessing the property.  She could not turn a blind eye.  Many do.  She found a woman to help her trap and in the meantime, began grabbing kittens by hand.  They were everywhere and many were very dehydrated.  

  The trapper took over then, and trapped all the remaining teens and adults and as they were fixed, the trapper and the assessor tried to find them homes.  This was not easy.  A woman in Oakridge offered up a home for two of the cats, but she wanted them tested, to be sure they had no diseases.   Patches, Thunders' best friend, tested negative for feline leukemia and feline aids, but Thunder, a dominant male, was positive for FIV.  Now what?

  Thunders' fate was now up in the air again.  It is unethical to turn out an FIV positive feral boy, to possibly infect other cats, that he might fight or who might try to fight him.  But where might Thunder find a refuge, so he could live out his life? 

   Well, Odd Cat Out has many FIV positive kitties and agreed to take in Thunder, with a friend, so he'd not be so frightened.  Thunder went to live at Odd Cat Out, along with sleek gray girl Flopsy, from the same colony.

  Thunder is beautiful, sleek and black.  Some might say he's sexy and he is.  But he IS neutered!   Thunder needs a friend or two, out there, among the cat lovers of the world, to sponsor him, so he can have any medical care he may need and all the food he can eat and maybe a little catnip now and then, to boot.  Thunder has a sanctuary where he can live out his life.  He and OCO need you too though, if you can, to help.

   Thunder is one of the lucky boys who would be dead now, were it not for Odd Cat Out.  Thunder is a member in good standing of the OCO FIV Positive Boys Club.  He will live out his life at OCO.

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Thunder, out before he was trapped, before he was fixed, before his journey took him to OCO.