Twister came to OCO several years ago, from Albany, Oregon.  He had no other options because he was half wild and also FIV positive.

  Twister and half a dozen other cats, all related, had lived with an old woman, who let the cats live in and also under her house.  Until one day when a developer came along and offered her a lot of money for her house and the lot.  He intended to turn that small lot into four houses and put lots of money into his pocket. 

  The old woman took the money he offered and left the cats.  The cats were now in the developers way to profit.  And that meant they were going to die without intervention.  An Albany cat rescuer took in all those cats and with Poppa Inc. funds, got them fixed.  But placing an FIV positive boy seemed impossible, until OCO offered him a safe space for life.

  So that's how Twister came to live at OCO.  Twister is a healthy member of the OCO FIV Positive Boys Club.

  He'd love a little love back in the form of a couple of sponsors, so maybe he could get those golden locks groomed and keep in the catnip for life, too!  If you could help out Twister, you know what to do, click this link: Donate/Sponsor