Silky little Lillith was initially abandoned in 2011 as a juvenile cat on a Millersburg industrial property where a couple of older women fed ferals. Lillith was never a feral, in fact, she would literally cling to these ladies ankles begging to be taken home with them! No one had room for another cat though, so she stayed put and managed to fend for herself until the property was scheduled for development in August 2013 and all of the cats had to be removed.

  Needless to say, Lillith readily allowed herself to be scooped up and carried off to foster care. Once in a real home she needed to unlearn a few bad habits, like nipping and swatting people. She also took some time to get over being shy, but has now blossomed into a gorgeous, extremely loving and playful cat.

  Lillith now greets visitors and adores nothing more than a sitting person with two free hands to stroke her lovely furs—you can forget sipping coffee while on the telephone, or trying to read the newspaper, as she’s got other plans and is seriously persistent. She will also literally prance around one’s ankles like a tiny Lipizzan horse trying to encourage people to get down on the floor with her so she can rub herself on and knead them endlessly. It gives her such pleasure that she even drools!

  Being that she has become a true favorite of her foster Mom, and we’re afraid she’d freak out if caged, we haven’t put her up for adoption in PetCo, but she would enjoy meeting and playing with new people in her foster home…

  However, due to the volume of cats we care for and help, at Odd Cat Out, we would greatly appreciate (and so would lovely Lillith) a kind kitty lover willing to sponsor Lillith.  Thank you!  Donate/Sponsor