Gimley... yes, I named him after the red dwarf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, because he is a grumpy little fighter who can't 'meow' but rather issues forth an 'errrrr'. Anyway, this fluffy Persian brat child came to us as a kitten in Septemer 2006 by way of the Bonnie L Hays Animal Shelter in Hillsboro when he was turned over for biting children.
   Go figure... the kid's parents had declawed him, so he had no other means of defense when the boys roughed him up.

    Gimley got to live in foster care in Beaverton for several years and took to greeting, then following anybody who walked the neighborhood. The children of one neighbor family liked him so much they even set up a sleeping box for him in their garage--they couldn't adopt him because one of the family members is seriously allergic to cats.

    Gimley is 8-years-old now, but he's still a little spitfire and would definitely prefer living in a private home as an only cat over having to hang out and fend for himself in a sanctuary with over a hundred other cats who enjoy picking on declawed kitties.

    Might you be willing to give Gimley a real home?  He's getting older and he'd love a home where he can be king of the world and very much loved as such.  Or, if you can't adopt Gimley, how about becoming his sponsor?   Click this button to help out Gimley. Donate/Sponsor