Big, sweet, handsome Freddie is another FIV+ kitty boy. Why the FIV ones are always so sweet with people is a mystery to us, as you’d think they would be rowdy, brawling tom cats, but no…

  Freddie was surrendered to us in Sept 2012 by Homeward Bound Pets in McMinnville, as have many of our other FIV+ cats, because their policy is to pass them on to sanctuaries since they have no experience dealing with FIV cats and are afraid the virus will be transferred to their other cats. Ignorance can mean death to FIV+ cats at shelters, so we applaud HBP for placing them with us instead.

  Our lover-boy Freddie seeks out attention from visitors and volunteers alike. He is always ready to play too, and can be a little over-zealous with the feather wand toy. He also dearly loves his catnip and canned cat chow—typically being the first one in line for a plate, though he is good at sharing, unlike some others.

  Freddie can usually be found ‘UP’ on something, anything actually… it’s almost as if he has an aversion to walking on the floor. He’ll greet us from on top of the cabinet, or a cat tree, in the rafters, or just sitting on a chair, but he’s always ‘UP’. Funny boy.

  FIV+ cats are all but impossible to get adopted out, so sponsorship of Freddie or any of our 30+ other FIV+ cats would be greatly appreciated.