Erath (on the left, above) became homeless in June of 2012 when his caregiver died and left behind the 25 cats he’d been feeding on his Dundee property. Seventeen of those cats turned out to be FIV+… two were killed for carrying this disease at the animal shelter where they had been taken by the trapper to be fixed, simply because that is their policy. So the rest of the cats were fixed at a vet hospital that works with Odd Cat Out Sanctuary. Those who were positive were surrendered to OCO, those that weren’t went to We Care in McMinnville so that they could be put up for adoption once they were fattened up and tamed down.

  Erath is now a chubby, yet handsome, boy cat who loves to play with kittens. He’s also bonded with two of his buddies from the original farm, Cuneo and Mystic. These three are often seen having a grooming party where they wash each other while sitting in a tight circle.

  Erath is often seen way up in the rafters of the sanctuary, as he likes to climb. He also loves to sunbathe in the catio on the porch… play with assorted toys… and get ‘high’ on catnip. Basically he’s just a big kitten! Now if we could only get him to allow people to pet him… maybe, if he’ll start taking food out of our hands, as he’s a big eater.

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